Pregnancy Tips

Tips and food habits during pregnancy:
Before planning the pregnancy visit a gynecologist and the doctor will recommend to take mutli vitamins and omega  3 tablets. 

1. Eating flax seeds or adding flax powder in curry or dosas  is very good. The flax seed have Omega – 3.

2. Eating a hand full of nuts every day  is very good health during the pregnancy
- Walnuts are very good  source of Omega 3 which is good for the brain development.
- Almonds are very good (some people say that it is good for baby’s heart and eyes)
- Pecans  are also good 

3. Drinking more water is very water is good. Remember to drink more water.

4. Milk is most essential thing and has good source of calcium. 24 oz  or 3 glasses of milk has to during the pregnancy.  You can take skim milk or 2% milk.

5. Eat lot of fruits in general people say eating oranges is very good during pregnancy. In Indian tradition papaya and pine apple are not taken during the pregnancy.

6. Instead of taking a heavy meal, break it down into smaller portions and have it 3 times.

7. Lot of sugars are not recommended during this period. Sugars are to be controlled during the pregnancy.

8. Living in a happy and healthy environment is very important. Non-smoking  environment is needed during the pregnancy.

9. Active and passive smoking has to be completed avoided during pregnancy.  Avoid Alcohol too.