Kitchen tips

1. Remove strains on kitchen knife
To remove the strains on kitchen knife  scrub the knife with cut onion half  for  about 3 minutes. 

2. To keep the color of cabbage and cauliflower 
Add one or two teaspoon of milk to cabbage and cauliflower. Their color wont be changed while cooking. 

3. Crispy Chips tip 
To make chips wash the potatoes cut the potatoes into pieces with peel  into thin slices and soak them in the ice water for  aboout 1 hour. Drain the water  and gently  pat them to dry using a soft cloth or tissue. Now deep fry them and they will be crispy.

4.  Soft Idly or Soft dosa tips 
To get soft idly and dosas, add handful of poha or attukulu to the soaked urad dal  in water. 

5. Avoid sour idly or dosa batter 
To keep  dosa batter or  idly batter from getting sour, do not add salt to the batter. This way it can be stored for 3 to 4 days without getting sour. 

6. To remove food strains on hands
Some vegetables leave food strains while cutting for example raw banana and soon. To remove the strains from fingers and hand, slice a raw potato and apply in the area of strains. The strains will go away.

7. Over salt by accident 
If you have put more salt by mistake drop a peeled potato in it and it will absorb the extra salt from it.

8. To clean silver items
Use ash or toothpaste the items will brighten up. Apply little water to tooth paste and brush them with ash or toothpaste.

9. To clean copper items
Clean and rub the copper items with wet tamarind and wash with soap water, this gives instant new look for copper items.

10. Fast Tamarind pulp
To make fast tamarind pulp, soak it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. It will become soft and tamarind pulp can made very easily.

11. Cleaning Kitchen Sink
Apply lemon juice and baking soda for cleaning the kitchen sink. Then wash it with dish washing liquid and scrubber. 

12. To remove strains from tiles
Cut  lemon  into 2 halves , rub one half on strain or spots on tiles, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with soap water.

13. Remove coffee and tea strains
Apply talcum powder on the the strain and wash after 5 minutes.

14. Sparking mirrors
Apply windex and clean it with a clean cloth. 

15. To remove dust from toys and artificial flowers and plants
Clean off dust by using a hair dryer in low mode.

16. Cleaning bathroom tiles
Mix baking soda and lemon in a bucket. Add some vinegar to it. Apply on the tiles and leave for 20 minutes and clean with the scrubber.

17. Extra taste in Rasam or Sambar
Add little ghee about half a teaspoon of ghee after preparing rasam or sambar. If you want you can add 1/2 teaspoon of jaggery powder too. 

18. Water after boiling vegetables 
The water that you get after draining the boiled vegetables can be used in rasam and sambar or can be used in soup. This has lot of Vitamins in it.

19. The stem of cauliflower
Don't throw the stem of cauliflowers it can be used for making soup, pickle or chutney.